About Me

I enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, watching documentaries and The Amazing Race, volunteering, a good view outside a window, quiet mornings and opening our home to friends and strangers. My family moved to Central Minnesota in 2020 after having our roots settled in West Des Moines, Iowa for the previous 10 years. Before our move across the boarder, we had multiplied to 3 elementary aged kids and a dog.  I love my witty husband, witnessing my children learn about this world and getting to teach them about it. 

As a doula, my pursuit has been rooted in helping women and their support people know their options, approach birth more confidently, reduce the sensation of fear surrounding birth, and have an overall positive perception of their experience even if things don’t go how they originally desired.   As much as possible, I aim to assist in helping clients understand their choices before and during their birth.  Then, when their birthing time arrives, my goal is to be a presence of affirmation and a source of physical support throughout the process.  

I am certified as a Birth Doula through DONA International, as a Bereavement Doula through StillBirthday University and have also received mulitpile trainings from Spinning Babies.  I gained valuable experience during my first three and a half years of birthwork with the Iowa Doula Agency and have also been a part of the Central Iowa Doula Association (CIDA) for the entirety of my time as Doula in the Des Moines metro. In addition, I was previously employed as a Maternity Center tour guide through the Birth Education Department at one of the Des Moines metro hospitals, an opportunity that allowed me to interface thoroughly with birth staff and bring education to numerous expecting parents from an early point in my career.

For parents who are looking for a doula who holds Christian values, I would love to support you in this specific way. For my family, our Christian faith affects every area of our life and I come from a place of understanding if that is the same for you.

“Austin was an incredible source of strength and encouragement for my labor.  Even though my husband was wonderful 😉 she knew how to make me comfortable, she knew the right things to say to make me feel strong and capable, and she knew how to help him help me.  Austin is very knowledgeable about labor positions and pain coping techniques.  To me, labor can be comparable to an athletic event.  In any event requiring a great among of endurance you’d want a coach/support system who believes in you, is knowledgeable and is cheering for you the whole way.  Austin was that and more for the birth of both our daughters.”


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